Rules and Regulations of SOWSL 

The Content of this page will be updated regularily upon approval of all executive. Please use this page to help teach your team and yourself the rules of the game and the way the SOWSL league runs. Thanks!

League Meetings - A representative from each team must attend all scheduled league meetings.

NO SLIDING - Zero Tolerance for any sliding. Free kick for other team or card if play was illegal. Referees' decision.

Forfeiting Games - A team forfeiting games must provide the league with 24 hours notice. If the notice is not given prior 24 hours a $50 fine will be given. A game will be forfeited if a team does not have 7 players at game time. If a team chooses to quit or forfeit at any time after the match has started, a $50 fine will be given. Discretion for extra time will be permitted by the referee.

Etiquette Rule - All games will have a final score of only a five goal difference. Any goals scored past the five goals will not be recoreded. An example would be if a game ends 11-5 the score will be recorded as 10-5.

Unregistered players - A player MUST be registered 36 hours PRIOR to stepping into a game. Unregistered players on the field will result in a forfeit.  All players must be 16 years of age at the time of registration.   

Playoffs- Registered players must play in a minimum of 4 league games to be eligible to play in playoffs.  

F.I.F.A. - All Referees oblige by these rules

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